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100 Things You Should Stop Buying and Start Making

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Avoid trips to the store, reduce your carbon footprint, and save heaps of money by learning to make your own household items.

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How to Start a Blog and Make Money {Do These 3 Things First!}

Few blogs are profitable, because they skip what's important. Here's how to start a blog and make money...for REAL. Proven tips from a full-time blogger!

Business Trip Outfits That Fit in a Carry-on, Styled by Jasmine Ricks

Professional style blogger Jasmine Ricks shares her eight go-to business trip outfits — all of which fit comfortably in a carry-on.

50 Inspiring Self Confidence Quotes to Celebrate Being You

These inspiring self confidence quotes are the perfect way to celebrate being you! Feel good about yourself and find self acceptance now.


If you're lucky enough to be visiting my favorite Nordic city in the near future, make sure to click here to discover the most photo worthy spots in Helsinki, Finland!

Algensalat: Gesund und mit einfachem Rezept schnell zubereitet

Algensalat stand bisher nicht auf Ihrem Speiseplan? Das sollte sich aus vielen Gründen ganz schnell ändern

The BEST Elderberry Syrup Recipe!

This easy homemade Elderberry Syrup recipe is packed full of nutrients! Keep it on hand to fight off cold and flu symptoms and to boost your immune system.

How does yarn weight work? + free cheat sheet! | Don’t Be Such a Square

Yarn Weights demystified! The best guide to Yarn Weigths + a free Yarn Weight Conversion Chart to have on hand when picking yarn for your projects.

Warming Turmeric and Cayenne Pain-Relief Balm

How to make an antinflammatory turmeric and cayenne pain-relief balm from simple, all natural ingredients. Apply this balm to sore muscles naturally.

Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe (AKA: Kahlúa) | Wholefully

You'll be blown away by just how easy it is to make kahlúa at home! Follow this tutorial and you'll have homemade coffee liqueur in less than half an hour.

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