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15 Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World To Visit

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Have you got a list of all the beautiful places you would really like to travel to? Maybe you would like to add some places to your bucket list? We are

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Hedonic Eating: How to Stop Eating for Pleasure

Hedonic eating comes from the root word 'hedon,' or pleasure. Learn how to stop hedonic eating and how to stop eating for pleasure.

Asian Zucchini Noodle Bowl – Paleo Gluten Free

192 calorie whole30 balsamic glazed asian zucchini noodles! Super easy whole30 and paleo meal. A healthy dinner recipe for the whole family! Kid friendly noodles with a tempting asian sauce.

Creepy Chic Halloween Decor – The Makerista

If you haven’t figured it out or haven’t been around here very long, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and has been since I was little. While I love to have fun with it kid’s parties, costumes, and decor, my personal love as an adult falls somewhere in between the gory and childish. I want things to feel spooky and creepy, but beautiful. This year is definitely one of my favorites, and the way Justin shot it only adds to the spookiness. When it comes to seasonal decorating, I prefer to focus all of my attention on one area…

How To Make Overnight Carrot Cake Oats

This recipe is sponsored by Quaker. Toss together these carrot cake-inspired oats at night and wake up to a sweet spring breakfast.

What is a Wedding Content Creator and Why Hire One for Your Destination Wedding in Greece? – Ellwed

A Wedding Content Creator or WCC is a new vendor category in the wedding industry. And some couples say it is now vital to have one!

10 intime Fragen, die sich Nicht-Mamas insgeheim stellen

Ihr lieben Mamas, vielleicht erinnert ihr euch noch. An die Zeit, als ihr noch kein Kind hattet, aber in euren Freundeskreisen die ersten Babybäuche und süßen Winzlinge auftauchten. Auf einmal wird einem bewusst, dass man vielleicht selbst mal Mama wird. In nicht allzu ferner Zukunft. Ui. Und unweigerlich stellt

DIY Split Leg Pants (No Sewing Required)

DIY Split Leg Pants (No Sewing Required): I've seen these chic and stylish split-leg pants in a few stores and I love the look, so here's an easy no-sew DIY way to make your own. Enjoy! :) Full video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdLe8n0xao4

Harissa tofu salad – Lazy Cat Kitchen

Harissa tofu salad is a simple yet delicious dish that comes together quickly and effortlessly. It's packed with flavour and texture, vegan and gluten-free.

Vegan Leek Tart – Full of Plants

This French-inspired leek tart features a buttery and flaky shortcrust pastry filled with tender caramelized leeks and cashew cream. It's savory, rich, and so hearty! Serve it warm as a main with a green salad or chilled as an appetizer!

How To Stop People Pleasing: 10 Baby Steps

Tired of being a people pleaser? Check out this article on how to stop people pleasing. 10 baby steps you can take to practice setting boundaries and taking care of yourself.

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