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21 Superior Things to do in Duluth, Minnesota with Kids

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Escape to the shores of Lake Superior! Discover fun things to do in Duluth with kids from water play to brewpubs, museums, and much more.

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...shrimply the best Don the prawn. In Japan, shrimp are symbolic of longevity and happiness. They are also a core part of the customary "osechi" dishes used to celebrate the Japanese New Year. You’re a dish too. Channel your inner Auntie Mame and wear this hand-painted headband with a golden brocade hostess gown to ballyhoo the holidays and greet guests. The beady black eyes sparkle and wink and his whiskers tickle the chins of your guests while you embrace. Dim the lights and your make-up. We picture you holding court with tall tales and cigarettes. Smoke them out with incense…

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