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Sugared Peanuts Recipe – How To Make Sugared Peanuts

Sugared peanuts are a yummy Christmas candy you can easily make at home! This homemade sugared peanuts recipe will give you the same taste for a lot less!

6 Clever Attic Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Hidden Space

From wall units to containers and baskets, these attic storage ideas will help you get the most out of your attic space.

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How to Crochet Hygge Burst Blanket

Spring and summer are full of flowers just like this collection of patterns for crochet bedspreads. Are you missing the blooming months?

How to Become a Proofreader

Freelance proofreading is a great work from home job! Learn how to become a proofreader and build your own business with success.

50+ Probiotic & Fermented Drinks… Beyond Kombucha & Kefir!

If you won't EAT your probiotics, surely you'll DRINK them! Here are 50+ probiotic and lacto-fermented drinks beyond Kombucha and kefir, including ginger soda, pineapple kanji, mead, and more. It's easy to boost your gut health when ferments taste this good!

Guinness Shepherd’s Pie | Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

This Guinness shepherd's pie features a savory filling of lean ground beef and tender veggies cooked with Guinness stout beer. It's covered in a creamy layer of cheesy mashed potatoes. An ideal meal for cold-weather days and St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

How To Stop People Pleasing: 10 Baby Steps

Tired of being a people pleaser? Check out this article on how to stop people pleasing. 10 baby steps you can take to practice setting boundaries and taking care of yourself.

Stoned and Painting a Rock — CHRONIC CRAFTER

Do you ever think that nature has a message for you? Like it's trying to get your attention?

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