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23 Best Places to go for Christmas on the East Coast

Planning a Christmas getaway? Try one of these 23 places to go for Christmas on the East Coast. We have selected the best Christmas towns to get festive!

Currently Confessing | Spring Chopped Salad Recipe, Fashion, and Organization – Seven Graces

Happy Monday, friend! Spring is in full swing over here, and we are busier than ever. 'Tis the season, I guess. Anyone else feeling like once spring hits, ALL the things start happening. We're already planning our summer activities, and I'm just trying to keep up. I usually do these Currently Confessing posts on Friday, but

How to Protect Your Bookkeeping Business If You Get Sued

What if I get sued by a bookkeeping client for a mistake that I made? In this video I talk about how to protect your bookkeeping business with errors and omission insurance, setting up a Limited Liability Company and using a contract of employment. Then, I go over what to do in the (unlikely) event

26 Organizations In Modern Society That Should Be Called Cults Despite Formally Not Called One, According To Folks Online

How often do we use the words "cult" or "iconic" in relation to celebrities, movies or TV shows, sports teams, brands or hobbies? Perhaps too often. But does this mean that the object of our admiration and worship has all the signs of a real cult? Some will laugh and say no. Someone will think and say: "Perhaps..."

ebook: How to grow TikTok account and go viral ?

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The Vagueness of Size Inclusive Fashion (+ 10 Brands To Shop For True Plus Size Clothes)

The lines of what is and isn’t size inclusive fashion has been blurred for quite some time. What's makes a size inclusive clothing line? What brands do it right? Recently, it...

Cathedral Cove in The Coromandel: How to Get There and What to Expect – Northabroad

Everything you need to know about the famous Cathedral Cove on the North Island in New Zealand, including how to visit, when to go, where to stay and more.

Boho Hallway Design: Core Concepts for a Bohemian Inspired Entrance

By Alan George Picture this, stepping into your hallway that’s not just a passageway, but a vibrant expression of you. Imagine soft, colorful runner...

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