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3 Powerful Words to Use When Your Child Says “I Hate You”

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Taking his words personally or hearing them as an attack on me was not going to help. Instead the next time he screamed, this is what I did…

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There are many college scholarships for students with a deceased parent with application deadlines throughout the year. These scholarships are varied, and some cater to specific circumstances, such as the profession or cause of the parent's death, or else the state where the student lives.

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14 Best Things To Do In Seoul

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Cranberry Vanilla Old Fashioned

A festive drink to help celebrate the season, the classic old fashioned cocktail gets a hit of holiday with the addition of a cranberry-vanilla simple syrup. A perfect custom drink to serve at all your holiday gatherings. NOTE: you can replace the cranberries in the simple syrup with the same amount of canned cranberry sauce or a homemade version. Simply cook some cranberry sauce down with water (a 1:1 ratio works well), add a little extra sugar for sweetness, if needed, and then strain and add the vanilla as directed (I make my cranberry simple syrup this way all the…

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Ce qu’il faut pour être un bon parent selon la science

Henry Ford a dit : « Que vous pensiez être capable ou ne pas être capable, dans les deux cas, vous avez raison. » Dans la recherche scientifique consacré à la parentalité, cela s’appelle « efficacité parentale ». En d’autres termes, votre confiance en vos capacités parentales importe tout autant que vos compétences parentales réelles.

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Nail health is something I’ve paid close attention to ever since I began studying...

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Goat Cheese Appetizer with Honey, Fig & Pistachios- This is my "go-to" easy appetizer. So many people have asked for the recipe...but here's the beauty...you don't even need a recipe! It's four simple ingredients and takes only 5 minutes to whip up.

How to Make Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones (Two Easy Tutorials) | ehow.com

Here are two easy methods for making cinnamon-scented pinecones: 1) cinnamon essential oil spray method and 2) ground cinnamon glue-on method.

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