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40 Cool Photos and Interesting Images to Ponder

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Take a virtual field trip of the world with a healthy dose of odd, interesting, and cool photos.

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Vegan Zucchini Risotto | Vegan Dinner Recipes

Creamy Zucchini Risotto is super flavorful and easy to make. This easy entrée or side is loaded with fresh vegetables and beautiful flavor.

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland is easily one of my favorite cities to visit in the UK, if not all of Europe, which is probably why I keep coming back again and again! That’s partly due to just how photogenic the city is, chock full of Instagram spots enough to satisfy any tourist or influencer. There are so many great photo spots in Edinburgh that it was truly hard to narrow it down to just my favorites! These are all places I’ve been to on past visits though, so I can vouch for them. From cute neighborhoods like Dean Village and Circus Lane…

These Overwater Hotel Suites Are INSANE (& All-Inclusive!)

Check out these insane photos of Sandals' new all-inclusive, overwater bungalows in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

7 Must-Read Novels from Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club

Want to read what Reese is reading? So do we. Here, seven amazing books from Reese Witherspoon's highly curated reading list.

45 Recipes Grandma Stole from Her Church Friends

These comforting potluck recipes are just like the ones Grandma enjoyed with her friends after church on Sunday.

21 Tricks That Make You Have Better Personal Finance Skills — Power of Positivity

Personal finance skills are difficult to come by, but they are so important in the long run. Here are tricks that make you have better finance skills.

Croatian Radish Salad (Salata od Rotkvica)

This citrusy radish salad is a cool, palate-cleansing side for whole grilled fish

Norwegian Fjords Hiking

The world-famous Norwegian fjords are without doubt the country’s number one tourist attraction. Glaciers carved the fjords of Norway out of the land over many thousands of years. They truly are one of nature’s remarkable creations. Today they are renowned for their beauty, but years ago they were crucial to the livelihood of Norwegians. Abandoned farmsteads on the steep cliffs serve as a reminder of those times. The Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The organisation says these fjords are some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. With the many slender waterfalls, woodlands,…

Gut Health and Autism – Food and Supplements – Marvelously Set Apart

The connection between our children's gut health their brain is amazing. Gut health and autism are connected and what you feed your child will effect them.

The Narcissistic Recipe: How Parents Create Self-Absorbed Children

How parents create narcissistic children? Are they mere innocent bystanders, or do their actions hold the key to unlocking this personality? Let’s explore.

All the Anxious Girls on Earth

About All the Anxious Girls on Earth All the Anxious Girls on Earth marks the debut of a startingly original literary voice. Zsuzsi Gartner’s exuberant prose gives voice to unforgettable characters who survive by their wits as they cope with indifferent relationships, lackluster jobs, and the myriad curve-balls life throws their way. A woman calls in fake bomb threats from the nineteenth floor of a bank tower as revenge against her ex-lover. The mother of a girl killed by a teenage urban guerilla thrives spectacularly in her industrious grief, transforming herself into a forgiveness guru and talk-show host. Lured into…

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