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Brown Butter Cinnamon Crinkle Cookies | Best Crinkle Cookies

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UGC Basics For Content Creators

Have you heard about UGC, but don't know what it is or how to get started? Check out this post for the basics on user-generated content.

Butternut Squash, Sausage, and Tortelloni Soup

I’m not sure how the idea to put tortelloni in butternut squash soup came to me. But I thought it sounded rather nice.

Ein zauberhafter Adventsbrauch: Wichteltüre (Nissedør)

Nisse zieht ein - unser kleiner Weihnachtswichtel, der uns zur Adventszeit besucht. Wir lieben den süßen dänischen Brauch, eine Wichteltüre (Nissedør) an der Wand zu befestigen und deshalb zeige ich euch ein kleines DIY wie ihr die Wichteltüren, sowie weiteres Zubehör selbst basteln könnt.

Remarkable Renovation – Priceless Magazines

When curtain maker Annette Poole decided to move from Battle to Hastings, she researched lots of properties before finding a hillside home to suit her family. After three years of renovation work, she has created a unique interior to reflect her creative eye and passion for soft furnishings.

15 New Boot Outfits I’m Adding to My Fall Outfit Checklist

See the new fall boot outfits that just landed on my seasonal outfit checklist, and shop my favorite boots.

The Best Historical Fiction of Spring

Chanel Cleeton, Lauren Willig, and others will whisk you from ancient Greece to the Gilded Age to interwar England.

Vitamins Helpful for Depression

The deficiency of vitamin B12, or hypocobalaminemia, refers to the reduced levels of this vitamin in the blood….

Embracing Minimalism as a Single Parent in a Small Space

The Challenge of Small Spaces Living in a small space with a child can be a daunting task. The accumulation of toys, clothes, and other items can quickly make the space feel even smaller. Add to th…

Colonial knot and how’s it different from french knot?

French knot is, undoubtedly, the most popular knot stitch out there. But it has a “twin” - colonial knot. Jump in to explore the similarities and differences between the two! So, how do you stitch colonial knot? Many people fear it because it seems tricky. Me too, for a long time I used french knots exclusively and didn't even want to try the colonial one because it just seems difficult. But I was wrong! Once you “crack” the process, stitching colonial knots will go smoothly and fast. The most challenging in learning how to make colonial knots is understanding how…

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