Career Catastrophes: 25 Quickest Ways Co-workers Were Shown the Door

The modern workplace has greatly evolved from a formal and stifling productivity-focused place to a more laid-back and life-fulfilling venue workers would want to stay in. This pivotal change enabled more employees to work more effectively, not because they had to but because they wanted to.

But this doesn’t mean bosses are extra lenient, and you won’t get fired if you do something wrong. Here are 25 catastrophes at work that are guaranteed to get you fired even on your first day.

1. Inappropriate Jokes on the Boss’ Wife

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Never mess with the boss’s wife because it will definitely get you in trouble. Making inappropriate jokes is a sure deal-breaker in the workplace. And you’ll be sent packing in no time.

Show your boss’s wife the same respect you give your boss. Respect and kindness will go a long way in the workplace.

2. Just Can’t Keep Up With the Task

Man-Stressed-Tired-Paperwork-Documents-MSNImage Credit: Depositphotos/Nomadsoul1

When the task seems too difficult for you to handle and you can’t keep up with the team’s rhythm, the boss won’t have a choice but to let you go. Especially if you don’t know when to ask for help or assistance.

If you can’t keep up, the best thing to do is to learn more about your tasks. Take the time to get used to the new work and the environment you need to immerse in.

3. Giving a Wet-Willy

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Acting immature at work may jeopardize people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get fired. However, this incident is different because a co-worker gave someone a wet willy and started a massive fight in the office. 

If you encounter an immature co-worker, don’t get carried away by your frustration. Be the bigger and mature person and let it go, especially if it’s just a prank.

4. Selling Products and Having Favorites on Buyers

Joyful Woman Selling Items Garage SaleImage credit: Dmyrto_Z/DepositPhotos

When hustling in life, it’s not unusual to work two to three jobs at the same time. Mixing up these jobs and taking tasks from the other job to the next job’s workplace is a big mistake that can get any person fired. 

Lesson here: finish your tasks at work or take it home with you. Don’t use other’s company hours to complete your work.

5. Letting a Kid Do the Job

Two Kids Reading A Newspaper StockImage Credit: DepositPhotos

It is funny when you think about kids doing the job for you. But it turns dangerous in some cases, depending on your profession, which can definitely get you fired. 

It’s irresponsible and illogical to let a kid do your work, whether just because you think it’s funny or cool. Children don’t have that sense of responsibility adults are expected to have. Basically, it’s just wrong to let someone else do your job for you, much less a kid.

6. Playing Video Games at Work

Woman Gaming Playing Video Games MSNImage Credit: Depositphotos

When a boss catches you playing video games at work, he probably won’t automatically fire you. He might give you a stern warning not to do it again. But if you keep doing it and keep playing, firing is only logical.

This is why work-life balance is very important. You just need to save all your video games playing during the weekends.

7. Making a Deadly Choice at Work

Middle Aged Man In Pilot Uniform Looking Scared MSNImage Credit: DepositPhotos/

Whether it’s an accident or you’re just being plain careless, you can get fired if you make a deadly mistake. One example is accidentally poisoning people at a restaurant for serving them contaminated seafood. 

That said, whatever your job is, always do it with full regard to other people involved. Be as careful as you can and follow your work’s protocol at all times to be safe. If you’re new, never hesitate to ask about some aspects you don’t know about.

8. Bullying Co-workers to Do His Job for Him

Rude woman with L on forehead MSNImage Credit: DepositPhotos/deagreez1

Bullying is a nasty habit and one of the most reasonable causes for firing someone at work. Productivity can only be a success if the team works together, but if someone is disturbing that workplace rhythm, it’s not good for the company. 

Bullying is an aggressive and immature behavior you’ll only see in kids. Making rude side comments to your co-workers and spreading lies about that are plainly childish. You or any co-worker should not be behaving that way.

9. Sleeping on the Job and Locking Everyone Out

Sleepy Tired Woman Working At Office Desk MSNImage Credit: stokkete/DepositPhotos

Dozing at work may not be a grave professional sin, but can be overlooked sometimes. Sleeping at work, locking everyone out, and disrupting operations are different things. And yes, it will get you fired. 

If you find yourself partying on Sunday and need to work Monday morning, just call in sick. Don’t force yourself to go to work and end up being a liability instead.

10. Stealing

Burglar Thief In House Holding Flashlight MSNImage Credit: luckybusiness/DepositPhotos

Stealing in any setup and circumstance is a crime, including at work. Pens and other simple office tools may be overlooked, but cash and products are off-limits. Don’t make extra money by stealing from the company that has been paying your salary in the first place. 

For money issues, don’t endanger the job that’s keeping you financially afloat. If you really need some hard cash, ask your boss if an advance is possible. You can also look into institutions that offer loans with minimal interest.

11. Being Late at Work

Woman Check Time Shocked MSNImage Credit: VaDrobotBO/Depositpotos

Getting fired for being late at work depends on the company. Some jobs are fine with employees being late every now and then as long as they send a message. It’s a different thing for time-sensitive jobs, like air traffic controllers and emergency medical services personnel, that will require you to be at work at a particular time. 

If you find it hard to come to work on time, even with an alarm clock, try training your biological clock by having a consistent sleep schedule.

12. Just a Bad Worker

Tired Stressed Woman In Front Of Laptop At Work MSNImage Credit: stokkete/DepositPhotos

Jobs and professionals also have compatibilities. If you’re not compatible with your job, there’s a high chance you won’t do well at work. Ultimately, you will get fired for being a bad worker. 

Once you’re new to the job position, make sure to do your best to adapt to it. If you can’t, finding a new job is not too late.

13. Clearly Doesn’t Want to Work Anyway

man agreeing reluctantly MSNImage Credit: DepositPhotos/photography33

When people don’t want to work, it’s evident in their vibes and the way they move. But they often don’t let the boss see this attitude. If this is you, you’re not alone. A lot of people are actually stuck in jobs they’re unhappy with.

But it is a sure way to get fired if you do your work carelessly. You will have bad days and good days at work, and that’s normal. If you don’t want to work on a particular day, ask for a day off if you can’t, try to power through.

14. Mentally Unfit for Work

Woman Sad and Crying and Depressed and Emotional MSNImage Credit: HayDmitriy on Depositphotos

When working, one needs to be mentally stable to be effective and productive. Whether it’s a schizophrenic episode or an extreme mental breakdown, those moments are not meant for work. When you force yourself to clock in despite these conditions, you will surely get fired. 

You must be mentally fit to do your tasks to remain valuable to the company. Work-life balance is key to staying mentally healthy. You must manage stress effectively by taking breaks and staying active when necessary. Meditation also goes a long way to clear your mind from unneeded anxieties and feel refreshed and ready for a day at work.

15. Under the Influence of Drugs Before Work

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Drugs can get anyone in trouble in general, and that includes work. People under the influence act so weirdly that they’re not fit to work. It’s a sure way to get canned. 

More than your health, these substances can affect your performance at work. They will impair your memory and decision-making skills, which are vital when working. Your concentration and ability to focus will also be affected, which can lead to mistakes at work. If you’re under the influence, stay at home and focus on healing first.

16. Drinking Alcohol While at Work

Drunk Hispanic Man Holding A Glass Of Beer MSNImage Credit: kmiragaya/DepositPhotos

One of the clear ways to get canned is to drink alcohol while on duty. Some try to hide it and discreetly enjoy some booze at work. Once they get caught, though, they shouldn’t be surprised to get laid off. 

If you want to drink alcohol and have a good time, your workplace is the worst place to do it. Wait for the weekend or take a day off.

17. Accessed Confidential Files and Bragged About It

man signing OK with hands MSNImage Credit: DepositPhotos/

Most companies share confidential information with their trusted employees. Often clarified in contracts, you are responsible for keeping all the company’s data confidential. If not, it is a major grounds for getting laid off.

With power comes great responsibility. Congratulations on getting that access, but keep it to yourself.

18. Devil-May-Care Worker

Woman Eating Popcorn Watching a Movie and Looking Chill MSNImage Credit: VitalikRadko on Depositphotos

Any boss wants an employee who cares about the company. If you are a devil-may-care worker who waltzes in late, takes a lot of breaks, and doesn’t really care about work, the boss will definitely fire you and not want you around the next day.

If you’re working for a company, the least you can do is care about the work you’re responsible for. Find a job that interests you and will make you care.

19. Went to Work Drunk Like a Skunk

Two Drunken Men Holding Wine Glasses MSNImage Credit: JanMika/DepositPhotos

If the weekend party extended to the early morning of Monday, it would be better to call in sick. Going to work drunk as a skunk is a bad idea. You will end up either getting fired on the spot or the next day when you have a clear mind to understand the gravity of your actions. 

Just go home. No one would want to see you giggling, slurring, and stumbling at work anyway, and you would not be productive, either.

20. Leaving the Workplace for a Personal Errand

Woman Riding Shopping Cart MSNImage Credit: Depositphotos

When you leave your workplace for a personal errand, you’re taking up company time that you will be paid for. Once discovered, your boss will reprimand you or, worse, fire you.

If you want to get a cup of coffee, settle for the one in the staff room. If you have other errands you need to complete, like bills to pay, try paying them through online banking. For grocery runs, you can have them delivered nowadays through shopping apps.

21. Surfing Inappropriate Sites at Work

Man Office Laptop Computer Laughing MSNImage Credit: EdZbarzhyvetsky/Depositphotos

The concept of NSFW (not safe for work) content has become a trend because many people are getting fired for surfing inappropriate sites at work.

Once it’s labeled as NSFW or you’re checking a website you don’t want your boss to see, leave it for later at home.

22. Making a Scene

Man Getting Angry and Pointing and Screaming MSNImage Credit: Depositphotos

The workplace is a professional space for work, not for confronting anyone or starting a screaming match. Don’t make a scene in the office—it can get you laid off. If you’re about to make a scene, take a break to calm yourself. Respect is key in this case.

23. Taking Unauthorized Breaks

Woman Looking Shocked Surprised Eating Watermelon MSNImage Credit: DimaBaranow on Depositphotos

Taking a break is part of being at work. Aside from lunch or pee breaks, it also serves as a breather. Just ensure your boss knows you’re taking a break and that you return on time. Doing otherwise can get you in trouble.

Whenever you need to go out for a longer time, ask your boss if you can take a day off. It’s better than masquerading it for a long break.

24. Secretly Filming in the Women’s Bathroom

Woman Recording A Video Content Using A Camera StockImage Credit: DepositPhotos

One nasty way to get canned is acting like a pervert and filming from under the door of the women’s bathroom. It’s a disgusting habit, not to mention a huge disrespect to women. 

If you have this kind of urge, you need help. And if you’re a woman who experienced this at work, talk to your supervisor and report it.

25. Inciting Violence at Work

Woman Boxer Portrait MSNImage Credit: chesterf/DepositPhotos

Violence is not acceptable anywhere, especially at work. Hitting someone will get you canned. It can even get you arrested!

It’s fine to show your emotions, but when you feel like hitting some, take a deep breath and find a peaceful corner to calm yourself down.

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