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Crochet Ideas and Free Patterns to Celebrate Fall

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Discover crochet tips and find inspiration on Your Crochet’s free patterns blog. Read our post, ‘Crochet Ideas and Free Patterns to Celebrate Fall’.

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Life can be tough if you’re named Karen—the internet now associates this name with some women who are entitled and want to speak to everyone’s managers. Keep in mind that the term 'Karen' isn't meant to insult all women; it's used to poke fun at super-entitled problematic people. The Karen meme is the female equivalent of the Kyle meme and you can check out our post about the times that the internet destroyed fragile masculinity right here. Now, we know that most women named Karen out there are probably awesome people in real life, but the name has become a…

Zu Besuch bei Hannah Merkle — Herz und Blut – Interior | Design | Lifestyle | Travel Blog

Vor ein paar Wochen waren wir zu Besuch bei der lieben Hannah in ihrer wunderschönen Altbauwohnung @vieraltezimmer in Berlin.

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This Chunky knit throw blanket is so easy to make! Have your chunky knit blanket done within a few hours! Perfect for Gifts or to keep you cozy on your couch! Find out how much chunky knit yarn you need to make your blanket.

The seasonal colour analysis. What colour suits you best? Part I

Tips and tricks to enhance your looks with your perfect colours. Master Class in pills. Part I You can play it safe and stick to neutrals, or the color of the year (because if everyone wears them, nobody will notice as much), or you can find what is the best colour palette that complements your skin tone. Wearing the right colours can give you a radiant glow, while the wrong colour set of colors can make your skin look shallow, dull and tired. You love a particular color that isn't quite right for you? No worries: use it as an…

Drunken Snowman Cocktail

Vanilla ice cream is topped with hot chocolate and Baileys in a chocolate rimmed mug to make this Drunken Snowman.

L’oeil d’Eos — Studio créatif, duo de photographes & vidéastes

L'oeil d'Eos est un studio créatif créé par Eloïse & Luc, un duo de photographes et vidéastes portés par les belles images et la découverte du monde...

Deepak Chopra’s Book Recommendations

A list of books recommended by author and alternative therapy advocate Deepak Chopra, including work by Aldous Huxley and Rudyard Kipling.

Tips To Make $50,000 Selling Used Items On eBay | Reseller Opportunities | Online Reseller

With couples who are working together, one person is often more of a free spirit and a risk-taker, and the other is more organized and conservative. Those differences can be a great benefit in general and can be a real asset to your business. You might be surprised, but in my marriage, I tend to be the free spirit and risk-taker. Our guest today has a great story to share about those differences. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Please welcome Jenny. https://youtu.be/_-6uHC-0Vv4 Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself My name is Jenny

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