Fetch Rewards Review 2023: Is Fetch Rewards Safe?

Surely, you’ve heard of cashback apps by now? If you haven’t, then fret not! Cashback applications help their users in earning some extra cash. For more details, this Fetch Rewards review is for you.

Over the last years, passive income methods and side hustles saw a surge due to the lack of socializing and businesses downsizing, which means many people lost their jobs. As a result, applications such as Fetch Rewards increased in numbers.

Available only in the United States, Fetch Rewards is an easy-to-use, mobile-only application where you can earn points and redeem those with gift cards or some extra money by filling out online surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, etc. 

But how does it really work? How could you maximize this app? Let’s break it down.

What Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Awards StockFetch Awards Stock

With this app, simply scan your receipts after grocery shopping, and that’s it. Fetch Rewards will take care of the rest. You’ll receive specific points depending on the amount of shopping you’ve done, and you can use those points to redeem gift cards for electronics, clothing, transport, etc.

The number of points you’ll need to get something worthwhile in gift cards might be a lot for some people, but it all circles back to the amount of shopping you do. The gift cards can be redeemed at big stores like Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc., where 1,000 fetch points equal $1.

The best way to fully utilize this application is to link your email with it if you shop online so that you can scan your digital receipts and earn points. Other than that, on your shopping trips, you can also avail yourself of the special offers and scan the receipt to gain maximum points. 

Other features are available, such as a referral program, where you get points for referring a friend or the option to donate to the Red Cross. In addition, special offers are made from time to time, and you can avail yourself of bonus points.

Fetch Rewards only works on mobile and has no option for real cash. Instead, you’ll only get paid in gift cards that you can redeem with accumulated points. 

So, if you’re okay with gift cards since the products you can purchase will still be valuable, that’s okay. But if you want to make money online, then Fetch Rewards isn’t for you. 

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How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

Fetch Rewards is partnered directly with brands and stores. The brands make offers through Fetch Rewards that you can use to get a gift card or multiple gift cards depending on the amount of shopping you do. 

That’s about you, but how does this business model benefit Fetch Rewards? 

The answer is that it sells the data to its partner brands. 

Before you lose your cool and think that is a breach of privacy, know that all the data shared is entirely anonymous. So, no one knows your specific spending habits or what you’ve redeemed previously. 

There are 3 ways to use Fetch Rewards to earn points, Scanning, Referring, and Special offers. 

1. Scanning

To earn reward points using this method, you simply have to scan the receipt you get after you’re done shopping. Then, the app will automatically assign the points to you. The number of items on the list and the brands you bought are responsible for the number of points you receive. 

The image should be clear, and the items and store name should be readable for your receipt to be accepted. You will have 14 days to submit your receipt, starting from the day of the receipt printout. 

Some items related to specific brands will earn you points, but going out of your way to buy that product just to earn points is not recommended. It’s counterproductive and will lose you money instead of saving it. 

Just buy what you need, and the rewards will come your way. 

2. Special Offers

As part of its perks, Fetch Rewards has special offers inside the app. The offer can be for different products, such as shampoo or a juice carton, to receive bonus points. 

Let’s set a concrete example. 

Usually, when you buy shampoo at the supermarket, this would give you 10 points. However, through the special offer, you would receive 300 points plus the original 10, making it 310 points. This offer is a great way to accumulate points, and you don’t have to go out of your way to do anything.

3. Referring

Referring anyone, friend or family, will earn both of you reward points. When someone you’ve referred signs up on the application and submits their first receipt, both parties will receive points worth $2 (2,000 Fetch points). 

Several features make Fetch Rewards an excellent side income application. 

You receive your rewards in a couple of hours even though the official time listed is 3 days. That means you can easily use the gift cards without waiting a lot. 

Since it is still a relatively new application, Fetch Rewards offers will continue to increase over time. There are always at least 10 to 15 special offers available that you can use to collect extra points quickly. 

The app has a special feature to track your expenses and the option to scan digital receipts. You’ll have to link your application to your email inbox, and it’ll scan for digital receipts. 

They also have a robust security system, so you don’t have to worry about your data being leaked or stored. 
You also have the option to link your Amazon account. By doing so, you’ll receive points for being able to shop online. 

Lastly, their referral system is one of the best ways to earn rewards by accumulating points quickly. 

While all of the above seems perfectly fine and encouraging, here’s a heads up on a couple of things:

This application works only in the U.S., which means you can’t use it or avail of its rewards if you’re outside it. 

It has no option to convert the reward points into cash or get some cash back. Not good news since not everyone is looking to receive gift cards. People like the option to receive actual cash or invest it in another app or wherever they want.

These factors combined put Fetch Rewards at a disadvantage. 

What Rewards Does Fetch Offer?

To give you a starting boost, Fetch Rewards gives its users 750-points on submitting their first receipt and 500-points on the second submission. A minimum of 3,000 points is required for the redemption of gift cards. 

The cashback rewards you receive are entirely up to you since you redeem the gift cards. You can redeem it at CVS, Amazon, Walmart, etc., for whatever product or service you want. 

When you look at the amount of time you’re putting in as compared to the rewards you can get, it turns out that you’re getting a great deal.

You don’t have to go out of your way to grab something, you’re already out grocery shopping, and at the end, you simply scan the receipt, which will take you hardly a couple of seconds, and you receive your points.

The process is straightforward if you’re online shopping and have it linked with your inbox. The app will automatically scan for digital receipts and give you the relevant number of points. 

Moreover, the referral program rewards you and your friends. Upon using your promo code, both you and your friend will receive an additional $1.50. It’s a win-win situation.

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Fetch Rewards Alternatives 

There are other reliable apps similar to Fetch Rewards to help you save money through cash rebates or earn a little cash by doing simple tasks as a side hustle. Here are examples of some of the best online Fetch Rewards alternatives: 


Survey Junkie

Just by joining Survey Junkie, one of the most popular, reliable, and easy-to-use survey websites, you will receive a $5 bonus and start earning points which you can exchange for gift cards or cash through your PayPal account. You can quickly claim rewards once you have accumulated at least $5 worth of points.

Free, legit, and safe, Survey Junkie has been around since 2013 with over 10 million users. Learn more about Survey Junkie hacks and make more money. 

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By doing easy tasks like answering surveys, watching videos, testing products, etc., you can earn a little extra cash through Swagbucks

Like Fetch Rewards, this popular app also allows you to accumulate points you can redeem for cash rebates, gift cards, shopping coupons, and cash via PayPal. 

Here is what we think about the Swagbucks platform. You have a $5 sign-up bonus waiting for you.

Try Swagbucks Today >>


Ibotta is a free cash-back app and browser extension where you need to complete tasks to earn cash rewards redeemable via PayPal or gift cards. The more tasks you finish, the more cashback you will receive. 

Check our full Ibotta review for details.

Before you can get your cash reward, you just have to complete simple tasks, such as participating in an online survey, watching a short video, commenting about a product, or posting on your Facebook page. Then, pay for your purchases from a choice of more than 1,500 brands and retailers through the app, provide proof of purchase, and you’re done. 

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Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a popular app and browser extension that lets you save money on daily purchases from over 2,500 brands. You can earn $10 upon signing up and earn $25 more if you refer a friend to use Rakuten. 

While the app is easy to use with many available offers and several options for getting cash back, collecting the payout will take at least 4 months. 

You can find more details about Rakuten in our Rakuten review.

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Checkout 51

A no-nonsense cashback app and browser extension, Checkout 51 can be used while buying gas and groceries in-store or online shopping by uploading your receipts. 

This free app was founded in 2012. It has weekly offers with unlimited 4% cash rebates from 300+ retailers. 

Available in the US and Canada, Checkout 51 delivers your reward with just a $20 minimum payout through a paper check or your PayPal account. It has paid over $30 million in rewards to its more than 2 million current users. It also provides a way of making extra money by doing paid surveys and performing easy tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Fetch Rewards Review

Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Fetch Rewards is a legitimate application that is easy to use and rewards users with redeemable gift cards. It has glowing reviews and a high rating on both the App Store and Google Play Store. 

While some customers are disappointed by the application’s low cash rewards and the minimum amount required to cash out, the app is, nonetheless, legit. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Fetch Rewards?

Unfortunately, Fetch Rewards is not an application to make money. It has no option to convert the points into quick cash. It only offers gift cards for your earned points that you can redeem with partnered brands and other stores. 

This application is great for saving a little here and there and getting some free stuff. It might not be money, but it could be something you’ve wanted to purchase, so it balances out. 

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Conclusion – Fetch Rewards Review

Many applications in the market offer the same scan and receive option along with other methods to earn points, such as watching videos, playing games, filling out online surveys, etc. They also provide gift cards or convert your points into money. Fetch Reward should change its limited rewards options, particularly its no cash back policy, to stand out from the rest.

Still, this platform’s purpose isn’t to save you a lot of money every day or week but to help you save a little wherever possible. In that sense, Fetch Rewards is a useful and welcome go-to app for a small side hustle and money saver platform. Just don’t quit your day job.

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