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Golden Rules of Genealogy

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I came across this neat graphic on the Got Genealogy? FB page. A simple summary of some “Golden Rules of Genealogy.” I love #1 – Speling Dusn’t Cownt. How many times have I talked with people who really get hung up on spelling. Typically, that changes once I show them how many ways I found their ancestors name or place of residence listed! Which is your favorite rule? What rule(s) would you add? Editor’s Note: the graphic contains a statement “You have our permission to use/publish these Golden Rules as much as you like. Just give us credit for them, okay?” GotGenealogy.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ copyright © National Genealogical Society, 3108 Columbia Pike, Suite 300, Arlington, Virginia 22204-4370. http://www.ngsgenealogy.org. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to learn more about interacting with the blog, please read Hyperlinks, Subscribing and Comments — How to Interact with Upfront with NGS Blog posts! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NGS does not imply endorsement of any outside advertiser or other vendors appearing in this blog. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Republication of UpFront articles is permitted and encouraged for non-commercial purposes without express permission from NGS. Please drop us a note telling us where and when you are using the article. Express written permission is required if you wish to republish UpFront articles for commercial purposes. You may send a request for express written permission to [email protected]. All republished articles may not be edited or reworded and must contain the copyright statement found at the bottom of each UpFront article. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow NGS via Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Think your friends, colleagues, or fellow genealogy researchers would find this blog post interesting? If so, please let them know that anyone can read past UpFront with NGS posts or subscribe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Suggestions for topics for future UpFront with NGS posts are always welcome. Please send any suggested topics to [email protected]

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