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How to Make Fresh Ginger Tea Properly – Oh, How Civilized

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Easy Thai Iced Tea Recipe | Homemade Thai Tea | White On Rice

Please read the post about this Thai tea recipe. It discusses the brands and different methods on how to make it to get the orange color, as well as photographs to illustrate the process. When we made our Thai Tea mix from this mix we reduced their suggested sugar amount by about 20% to our own personal taste. For those of you who prefer an organic version with coconut milk, that option is below too. In the recipe there are two options for creating your Thai Iced Tea - Option #1 Using a purchased Thai Tea Mix.And Option #2 -…

30+ Best Things to Do in Boston for First-Time Visitors

Looking for the top things to do in Boston? These Boston experiences are quintessential for first-time visitors!

„Charmed“: Was wurde aus den zauberhaften Hexen?

Vor 15 Jahren kam die Mysteryserie „Charmed“ nach Deutschland. Acht Jahre lang verzauberten die Halliwell-Schwestern die Zuschauer. Doch was machen Phoebe, Piper, Prue und Paige eigentlich heute?

25 Creative Hobbies To Try When Everything Is Awful And You’re Not Okay

"I have a lot of bad days, but on my good days, I quilt."

40 Newest Haircuts for Women and Hair Trends for 2024 – Hair Adviser

Let us guess, you are a woman bored with your current style and looking for 2024’s hair trends and particularly for a fresh trendy haircut that will shake things up this year? Or possibly you are a hairstylist in search of strong hairspiration for your clients’ makeovers in 2024? Anyway, you happened to be in …

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Bowl

Utterly gorgeous sticky gluten free teriyaki salmon on top of a delicious sushi bowl packed with flavours, soft avocado and fresh edamame beans.

Tour a 1930s Silver Lake Home That’s Now an Ode to Iconic Sea Ranch Modernism

A 1930s ranch-style house in LA's Silver Lake neighborhood was in need of a refresh. It was transformed into a modernist space with sweeping views.

Laundry tips for the colder weather to make life easier for parents

Laundry tips for the colder weather to make life easier for time poor parents. Did you know that adults (aged 35-44) living with teenagers and young children spend 5.8 hours a week on laundry – an astonishing 300 hours every year We all know that doing laundry is tougher in colder weather. Where do you […]

15 осенних образов для тех, кто любит разнообразие

Вам надоели скучные повседневные образы? Хочется чего-то новенького? Мы поможем вам составить необычные, но все-таки повседневные образы, которые придутся по душе любительницам разнообразия. Первый look это сочетание стильного вязаного оверсайз платья свободного фасона, грубых ботинок на тракторной подошве, а также клатча из твидовой черно-белой ткани. Завершающим аккордом в этом образе является черная шляпа с широкими полями. Этот аутфит гармонично сочетает в себе вязаное силуэтное платье, оверсайз укороченный свитер, массивные ботинки на шнуровке и минималистичный клатч. Кожаные брюки клеш + топ + бежевый жакет оверсайз размера + остроносые ботильоны на высоком каблуке + стеганый клатч + громоздкая золотая цепочка + ретро…

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