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“If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.

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Pomegranate Ginger Paloma.

Ginger beer is not traditional in Palomas, but it's so much better than using club soda and adds a killer ginger flavor, which just screams the holidays!

Stripping the Fireplace & Our New England Inspiration – Sincerely, Marie Designs

I recently got the wild hair to strip our fireplace. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do since day one but didn’t quite have the time in the initial renovation process. Ever since then I’ve wondered what the wood actually looked like under the paint. It was painted white when we purchased the house but ... Read More about Stripping the Fireplace & Our New England Inspiration

House decisions made! – The Sunny Side Up Blog

My brain is officially fried. Kenny and I spent 5 hours this afternoon with our builder and window guy. To continue the 4 hour meeting we had yesterday. Which was a continuation of the 6 hour meeting from a few days before. And you know what? We aren’t even half way finished with exterior windows...

Ashwagandha – 5 Benefits & 3 Side Effects you Need to Know

Ashwagandha has been gaining popularity for good reason! This article sheds light on the benefits of ashwagandha & side effects to be aware of

DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

Eeeeep! Time for another food-turned-pillow post. I’m having so much fun making all these different pillows! This time, we’re throwing it back to a childhood favorite and making circus animal cookie pillows! HEHE! This was one of the most common answers when we asked what your favorite junk food as a kid was way back when. …

Dos And Don’ts of Exercising With Hashimoto’s

I'm sharing a list of dos and don'ts of exercising with Hashimoto's that I've learned over the years. My tips and all the things you can do.

The 19 Pieces Worth a Second Look at H&M Right Now

The one high-street store I'm most impressed with right now is H&M, as the new collection is packed with expensive-looking pieces.

In Pursuit of Disobedient Women by Dionne Searcey: 9780399179877 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books

About In Pursuit of Disobedient Women When a reporter for The New York Times uproots her family to move to West Africa, she manages her new role as breadwinner while finding women cleverly navigating extraordinary circumstances in a forgotten place for much of the Western world.   “A story you will not soon forget.”—Kathryn Bigelow, Academy Award–winning director of  The Hurt Locker  and  Zero Dark Thirty In 2015, Dionne Searcey was covering the economy for The New York Times , living in Brooklyn with her husband and three young children. Saddled with the demands of a dual-career household and motherhood…

Fashion Trends Only Cool ’90s Kids Will Remember

Whether you loved grunge, "Dawson's Creek," or were a hip-hop head, every cool kid followed these iconic '90s fashion trends.

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