InboxDollars Review: Is InboxDollars Legit?

Do you have a lot of free time? Why not use that extra time to earn some additional money? In this InboxDollars review, you can get the best of both worlds. Continue reading to learn more!

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on your phone daily? Well, let’s not put a number on it, but we all know that we spend the better part of our day online behind a computer or phone. 

Let’s combine productivity with being online! Start making money through this popular cash rewards platform.

InboxDollars is an online platform that pays you to fill out surveys and do tasks online. It is the perfect opportunity to make money from home. While it won’t make you rich, you can earn some side income with this website.

We’ll go into how InboxDollars works, the pros and cons, and how you can earn money on the platform. 


What Is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is an app and a website launched in 2000 that aims to connect companies they have partnered up with with their customers.

And how does that benefit you? Well, InboxDollars is essentially a cash rewards website. This means that the company has various online activities for you to perform, and in exchange, you are rewarded with cash!

So, you will be spending the same amount of time online except now, you will be rewarded for it! How cool is that? Hannah Montana isn’t the only one getting the best of both worlds!

How Does InboxDollars Work?

The principle of how InboxDollars works is simple: companies and brands will not exist without their customers, and they need lots of them to be successful. The success of products depends on feedback, surveys, ads, and more. 

InboxDollars explains that companies simply have to reach out to customers via their platform instead of recruiting thousands of participants to gain information several times a year.

InboxDollars provide their members with different online activities. These include filling out surveys, playing games, watching videos, downloading coupons, shopping online, and reading promotional emails. The size of the reward differs with each activity. 

You will be paid with cash every time you complete a task, therefore giving you an easy way to make money from home.

InboxDollars How It WorksInboxDollars How It Works

Once an activity concerning a particular brand is completed, the brand pays InboxDollars. The company, in turn, shares a portion of those earnings with its members.

Signing Up For InboxDollars

The process for signing up for InboxDollars is super short and simple. All you have to do is provide your email address and the password you’d be using for your account. Next, you’ll have to confirm your email address by opening up the message sent to you in your inbox.

Once you’ve logged in, the system may ask you some basic questions about yourself, like your marital status, how many kids you have, your education level, etc.

And we’re done!

Not only is it simple to set up your account, downloading the InboxDollars app and signing up is completely free! On top of all that, you earn an instant $5 sign-up bonus when you sign up with our unique link!

Well, now that you know how simple the process is, what are you waiting for? Register here!

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InboxDollars HomepageInboxDollars Homepage

Getting Paid By InboxDollars

We’ve already discussed that InboxDollars will pay you in exchange for your spare time, but what tasks must you perform, and how much money does each activity get you? Following are several features of the website that will help you make money online:

1. Paid Surveys

One of the main activities offered by InboxDollars is paid surveys. Various types of surveys are present, from detailed market research questionnaires to fast and easy feedback and registration forms. The amount you earn depends on the length of the survey and how much the survey advisor is paying InboxDollars. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

2. Get Paid To Play Games

This one is particularly great for those who love online games. InboxDollars has a Paid Games portal where you will be awarded cash, gift cards, and prizes just for playing games. Any takers?

3. Watch Videos For Cash

InboxDollars Videos provide you with a chance to earn cash by watching online sponsored videos. So if you’re worried about not finding content that interests you, let us put your mind at ease! 

There are several videos to choose from, be it celebrity gossip, sports, news, or food. InboxDollars has got you covered!

4. Use Coupons

Who doesn’t like coupons? But coupons that will earn you cash? Sign us up! By simply visiting the Grocery Coupons portal and downloading or printing coupons offered by your favorite brands, you will be rewarded cash! Sounds neat, huh?

5. Earn Cashback Rewards

We all know how fun shopping is! But the fun is doubled when you save money on your purchases. InboxDollars shopping helps you do just that. Shopping from the InboxDollars Paid Shopping portal, you will receive cashback rewards on your purchases.

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6. Get Paid To Read

By opting for the Paid Email service, members will receive emails directly in their inboxes. Simply opening and reading this promotional email will earn you cash.

How To Redeem Your Rewards With InboxDollars?

So we understand that doing various activities offered by the website will help us earn cash, but the question remains–how exactly do we redeem our rewards?

The process of redeeming your cash is simple. Once your account credit reaches $30, it is time to cash out! 

InboxDollars lets you cash out using three ways: mailed check, e-payments (gift card or prepaid Visa), and PayPal.

 If you opt for a mailed check, it can take up to two weeks to arrive at your doorstep.
You will receive your e-payments in your inbox within two days.
Your money can be transferred to your PayPal account, PayPal payments are processed every Wednesday.
Calculating Money StockCalculating Money Stock

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Is InboxDollars Legitimate Or A Scam?

The idea of being paid in exchange for a few simple online activities may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. InboxDollars is a legitimate company that has been around since 2000 and has grown substantially since then. It is one of the most legit ways to earn some extra cash while staying at home.

However, one thing to be wary of is the invasive third-party apps or other similar software you may need to install to play InboxDollars games. Similarly, some surveys may take you to other sites which may sell your private information. 

Therefore it is necessary to make sure the apps you are downloading are legit and know how to spot a scam. 

Pros And Cons Of InboxDollars

If you still can’t figure out whether InboxDollars is right for you, there’s no need to worry! We got your back in this InboxDollars review, where we go through the pros and cons of the website to help you make your decision:

Pros – InboxDollars Review

Earn Cash not points: Perhaps one of the best things about InboxDollars is that you earn cash from your activities. Most websites offer points with different conversion rates, which often makes things inconvenient.
Easy to use: Both the website and the app is user-friendly and simple to explore. In addition, the activities are easy to locate.
Free to join and use: You sign up for free, and you navigate for free
No limit: Earn as much cash as you want and participate in as many activities as you please.
Earn extra: Apart from the tasks, the website offers you several ways by which you can earn more money, including referrals.
 $5 Bonus: All new members receive a $5 bonus upon signing up with this link.
 Legit: The company has been around since 2000 and has a huge community with over 10 million members.
 Variety of cash-out options: You can cash out and receive your money however you find it convenient.

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Cons – InboxDollars Review

Payment threshold of $30: You need a minimum of $30 to cash out, and it may take some time till you hit that mark.
Transaction fee: Although there is no fee for digital gift cards and prepaid visas, InboxDollars charges a $3 transaction fee for mailed checks and physical prepaid Visas.
Third-party scam risks: There is always a chance that your private information may leak due to third-party gaming and survey activities.
 Long wait: If you opt for a mailed check, it can take up to two weeks to arrive at your doorstep, which is a long time.

How To Earn More With InboxDollars

Are you looking to earn more money with InboxDollars? You can! Here are a few ways to make some additional cash:

Profile Surveys

By filling out profile surveys, you are providing the app with basic information about yourself. This helps to make sure that the future surveys and other activities you receive are of your interest but also helps you earn more money.

Make InboxDollars Your Homepage

Ever wondered how many searches you make in a day? Well, why don’t you make money while you’re at it? Using the InboxDollars search will earn you rewards for every four searches you make! On top of that, you can earn weekly bonuses if you search for four or more days!

Cash Offers

The Offers page has over 20 offers. Simply locate an offer you are interested in and sign up. You will get paid for joining or trying out a free sample.

Use Groupon Via Inbox Dollars

One of the brands InboxDollars has partnered up with is Groupon. By purchasing Groupon deals through InboxDollars, you will receive $0.10 for every coupon you redeem.

Referral bonuses

Another activity that the website pays you for is referrals. You are awarded $1 for each friend you refer to InboxDollars. Once you have referred to over six people, you earn 30% of whatever they make on the app! What makes this deal even sweeter is that you can refer as many people as you want.

InboxDollars Alternatives

InboxDollars, although a great website, isn’t the only one like it out there. Here are InboxDollars alternatives that you can use to earn rewards in exchange for online activities:


Swagbucks website rewards you with points (a.k.a SBs) for completing different tasks, including taking online surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. Check our full Swagbucks review for more tips about this platform.

Get $5 when you sign up for this platform!

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Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another paid online survey platform that can award you up to 500 points per survey. Each point is worth 1 cent, and once you reach 1000 points, you can redeem your rewards via PayPal or a gift card. Sounds good, right?

Start Making Money Today

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is mainly a survey provider that pays you per survey. In addition, they also hold online paid focus groups that can earn you up to $150 per session! Interested?



Like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel offers you a free platform where you can earn points by completing online tasks. The tasks are similar too; online surveys, watching videos, shopping online and playing games, and using offers. Like the idea? 



Like SwagBucks and PrizeRebel, MyPoints is another legitimate website that rewards you with points for completing tasks such as taking online surveys, watching videos, shopping online, availing of deals online, and downloading mobile apps. Sounds right up your alley? 


Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey website where you receive points for taking surveys and performing other online activities. You can exchange these points for gift cards or cash. Like how it sounds? 


Pinecone Research

Being a reputable survey website, Pinecone Research rates are slightly higher than InboxDollars, where you can receive $3 to $5 per survey. In addition, you are provided loyalty bonuses which means the longer you work with the platform, the higher your earnings will become. 


American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion requires you to answer questions related to advertising, products, and projects. The ACO uses a point system where you are awarded points each time you complete a survey which can then be redeemed via PayPal or by check. This is a great way to earn money by sharing your opinions.


Ipsos conducts market research and allows you to earn about $100 per hour in the online focus group. The company’s app also allows you to do quick and short surveys on your phone, making you about $1.50 per survey. If that interests you, read more about best-paid focus groups to try now.

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Conclusion – InboxDollars Review

Nowadays, earning money has a lot of options. May it be a part-time job or passive income opportunities, the possibilities are endless. Your window to fulfill your life dreams can come true with just a tap or swipe of your finger. 

In this InboxDollars review, you learned everything you need to know on how to earn extra money by participating not only in paid online surveys but other online activities available on the platform. 

If you have a lot of extra time, might as well sign up for InboxDollars and make your day meaningful and profitable by earning extra income. The choice is yours, and your time is now!

Try InboxDollars now and get your $5 sign-up bonus!

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InboxDollar Review - The Best Cash Rewards Website For YouInboxDollar Review - The Best Cash Rewards Website For You
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