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Looksmaxxing for school – Link in Bio|cloves health benefits for men

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Potato Leek Soup

This delicious healthy recipe for Potato Leek Soup is deceiving flavorful! A nourishing, soul-satisfying meal made with the humblest of ingredients. Serve with optional Leek oil and Crusty Bread.

One-Step Ham Casserole

Preheat, stir, and bake. You can't ask much more of easy casseroles. This quick casserole recipe will surely become a weeknight staple.

Plongée au cœur de l’exposition « Christian Dior, couturier du rêve », aux Arts décoratifs de Paris

Avec « Christian Dior, couturier du rêve », ce sont ainsi 70 ans de création et plus de 300 robes couture qui se succèdent, faisant revivre l'histoire de la célèbre maison française.

11 Curse Words From The ‘50s We Need To Bring Back

Charming, fun, and yet just the right amount of salty, curse words from the 1950s have a certain extra somethin' that many modern day insults seem to lack. Our four letter words and other caustic phrases get the point across, and they certainly have…

21 Gray Green Paint Colors for Your Home

A list of 21 chic gray green paint colors from Farrow & Ball, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and BEHR for your next DIY painting project.

Color analysis Cool

Color Analysis Cool, your natural 'English rose' pink complexion will be enhanced by all colors with a blue undertone and you can happily wear and enjoy many of the colors from Summer and Winter

Here’s What 30 Kitchens Would Look Like If Major Fashion Brands Designed Them

BRB, turning my kitchen into a Betsey Johnson kitchen.

Why you should keep up with 60’s and 70’s fashion trends

A personal blog on the importance in vintage fashion and sustainable fashion.

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