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Groovy History

Nothing is quite as good as it should be without a woman's touch, films and television shows are no exception. Whether in the form of a blonde bombshell, evil temptress, sweet girl-next-door, or a classic beauty, all these lovely ladies make the world go round.

Images Of Cats For A Moment Of Zen

Images Of Cats For A Moment Of Zen - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals

Zinc: Essential Mineral For Health

Medical Medium: Zinc: Essential Mineral For Health - now at

How I Quit My Job to Become a Full Time Food Blogger | Butternut Bakery

After 2 years of blogging, I was able to quit my day job to become a full time food blogger. I'm sharing my full journey from start to finish!

Fermented Elderberry Soda with Ginger and Honey (Made with Wild Yeast)

Make your own homemade fermented elderberry soda with ginger and honey from wild foraged elderberries!

Avocado Catnips Cat Toys – Pawpycup

Avocado Catnips Cat Toys are perfect for cats who love the stimulating scent of catnip. The toys are made from vegan materials and filled with premium-grade catnip to keep cats engaged and entertained. Introduce your cat to an exciting new world of play with Avocado Catnips Cat Toys! They're perfect for keeping your cat happily entertained with organic catnip for hours. Plus, they're made from non-toxic materials for your peace of mind. Feline fun can start today with these delightful and natural toys!

Warm Blonde Hair Shades Perfect For Brightening Your Locks

Brighten up your look with these fresh, warm blonde hair colors. From your lightest warm blonde to your darkest warm blonde, here are our favorite sun-kissed blonde picks for a sweet refresh.

Mad, bad scientists

Two nonfiction books delve into nefarious crimes committed in the name of science and medicine.

‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’: This Facebook Group Shames Awful Fashion Decisions, And Here Are 30 Of The Worst

Fashion is all about courage. If you’re feeling confident enough, you can pull off anything… or, well, just about anything. You see, no matter how much we might say that taste is subjective, there are some objectively awful design decisions that make style aficionados go, “Oh, honey, no,” “Lord protect us,” or simply, “Ew!”

Solar Eclipse Party Ideas, Party Foods, and Playlist

Looking for Solar Eclipse Party Ideas? We're sharing the perfect solar eclipse party foods, drinks, and music playlist for your viewing party!

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