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What to Do When Managing Bipolar Disorder Is Really, Really Hard | bpHope.com

If I buy in to the idea that bipolar disorder is easy to treat and that one day I’m going to magically be better, I will be upset every time I get sick.

17 Easy Beautiful Plants That Grow in Water: No Soil, No Mess

Do you often have trouble remembering to water your houseplants? Or would you rather not deal with the mess of potting soil? Then you should try growing plants in water! If you want to start your own houseplant hydroponics, these are the best species to try.

How to Read Your Knitting, Part 2: Counting Rows – Yay For Yarn

Counting Rows is essential to any knitting project. In this tutorial, you'll learn to "read" your knitting to count rows in several simple stitch patterns.

Visiting: Jaipur, India

India has been on my bucket list for years and last December I had the great pleasure of partially crossing it off my list with a visit to Jaipur. Abe and I went in celebration…

Gummy Bear Granny Square Pattern

If you enjoy making granny squares, you'll love these crochet granny square patterns. I'm including granny square blankets and more.

Outdoor Real Weddings

Get the best outdoor wedding ideas from real couples.

Best Things to Do in Mallorca

This Mallorca guide will share with you what to do in 3 days, where to stay, what to see, eat, and even gives a cost breakdown for the trip.

100 Garden Edging Ideas That Will Inspire You to Spruce Up Your Yard – Page 4 of 4

Choose one of these garden edging ideas to make a statement or pick something subtle and quaint. You can choose a garden edging perfectly suited to you.

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