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Pipe Cleaner Crafts: Things for Kids to Make & Do – How Wee Learn

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Pipe cleaners are a versatile craft material easily obtainable if not already in your craft supplies at home. Kids can make all sorts of pipe cleaner crafts, and they’re also perfect for learning activities such as STEM projects or fine motor activities. Kids can even make little toys to play with using pipe cleaners! Below

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From the Makerista This is the room to blame. Everything was going fine in my life until I saw this room. Once I saw it? My life pretty much fell apart and I started to develop extreme bouts of throwing up, my living room filled with flies and my toilet started belching black,...Read More

No School Half Day Student Parent Reminder Bracelets English Spanish Version

6 versions: No school and half day reminder bracelets in English, Spanish, and Both. Print and done! Great for bracelet reminders or to staple to pages as reminders. 6 PDF Versions included: -No school tomorrow (English) 7 to a page -No hay clases mañana (Spanish) 7 to a page -No school tomorrow (English and Spanish on each bracelet) 7 to a page -Half day tomorrow (English) 7 to a page -Medio dia mañana (Spanish) 7 to a page -Half day tomorrow (English and Spanish on each bracelet) 7 to a page A great way to remind families that there is…


...shrimply the best Don the prawn. In Japan, shrimp are symbolic of longevity and happiness. They are also a core part of the customary "osechi" dishes used to celebrate the Japanese New Year. You’re a dish too. Channel your inner Auntie Mame and wear this hand-painted headband with a golden brocade hostess gown to ballyhoo the holidays and greet guests. The beady black eyes sparkle and wink and his whiskers tickle the chins of your guests while you embrace. Dim the lights and your make-up. We picture you holding court with tall tales and cigarettes. Smoke them out with incense…

Ralph Lauren Home Fall 2016 – Quintessence

Last night Ralph Lauren Home hosted a preview of their fall 2016 collections and celebration of their new Instagram feed.

Finnish Lapland Winter Photography

Whether you're a simple tourist or a professional photographer, Lapland is a truly magical place to visit. Not only is it the home of the starry skies and dazzling Northern Lights, but it's also home to Santa Claus and his reindeer - making Lapland the ultimate go-to winter destination.

How to Make a Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing!

A list of 85 high paying affiliate programs that make me a consistent $8,000 a month! PLUS your FREE printable affiliate tracker!

Effective Communication for Co-Parents

As a certified parenting practitioner with over 20 years of experience counseling separated and divorced parents, I understand how challenging co-parenting

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Stylish shower designs, from traditional screened enclosures to modern walk in rooms, with colourful patterned tiles, elegant marble, and everything in between.

How To Play Clock Patience

Nanny Anita explains how to play popular card game Clock Patience. She will also be teaching other card games, including Beggar My neighbour, Go Fish, Rummy, and Spoons.

3 Parents Share Amusingly Relatable Stories of Trying to Raise Foodies

Introducing little ones to new foods is never boring. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and their faces light up at the taste of roasted broccoli or fried shrimp. Sometimes, not so much. One day may be a yes and the next day a no, but every day is an adventure — and we promise, it all pays off.Consistently introducing your little ones to different flavors and textures expands their developing palates and builds their budding appetites.

The 25 Best Photos Of Patrick Dempsey

Bless his love of hats, '80s fashion and facial hair (!).

Twice Baked Honey Cake | The Hobbit | InLiterature

This delicious yet easy recipe for twice baked honey cake is perfect for your next Hobbit Day party!

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