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Short bob hairstyle collection | Trendy hairstyle ideas | Hairstyles | Short hairstyle

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50 Memes That Show Just How “Basic” And Similar We All Are

The “So Basic I Can’t Even” Instagram account gathers a delectable selection of memes that one might find, funny, painful, relatable, or a combination of all three.

How to Travel to Europe on a Budget

We're sharing our tips on how to travel to Europe on a budget because now is the right time to head overseas.

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This guide to the Romantic Road in Germany includes the highlights, suggested itineraries, travel information, and other helpful tips.

Feeling Unphotogenic? Here Are 14 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Found yourself asking ‘why am I unphotogenic?’ First of all, you’re probably not, you’re just making some common posing mistakes that can be easily fixed. Here, 14 tips for how to look better in photos.

13 Tips to Prevent and Get Rid of Menopause Belly Fat

Weight gain after 50 doesn’t need to be inevitable for women - check out these tips to reduce menopause belly fat and see for yourself!

How to Respond to Child’s Negative Comments

Knowing how to respond to your child when he says negative things about himself is important. You can help him shift the focus from negativity to his abilities and potential. Modeling growth mindset in front of your child is one of the important ways that you can help to lessen that line of thinking.

Mahjong Rules (American Version)

Ever wanted to learn the actual Mahjong rules? Then read our guide to learn how to play Mahjong, including scoring and other variations.

“625 Words To Know In Your Target Language”: Clever Language Learning Hack Goes Viral

Learning a new language is tougher and less romantic than we’d like. But it doesn’t have to be.

Mending Project: Wide Legged Levi’s & Kimono Scraps

Choosing the right jeans Most of the mending projects I share are pretty extreme examples of patching using sashiko inspired mending techniques combined with my own stitching style. The examples that I share are either my own jeans or those that I've found while shopping at thrift/secondhand shops and garage sales. Whe

Pure Calm & Wellbeing – Product Packaging – Studio Projet Noir

Studio Projet Noir designed a subtle, delicate & premium packaging that compliments the product’s personality.

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