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Creamy Cucumber Radish Salad

This cucumber radish salad is light, crunchy, and just downright refreshing. Easy to prep in about 10 minutes, the radishes are beautifully balanced with the cool cucumbers and creamy dill dressing. The perfect veggie side dish!

Стильные цветовые сочетания, которые используют многие стилисты

Если вы стремитесь к тому, чтобы каждый ваш образ был безупречным до мелочей, вам необходимо разбираться в цветовых комбинациях. Стилисты поделились с нами своими любимыми цветовыми сочетаниями, которые украсят абсолютно каждую современную леди. Первое комплементарное сочетание оттенков в образе включает в себя следующие оттенки: фиолетовый, лиловый, изумрудный, а также серо-зеленый. Любительницам базовой палитры непременно подойдет данная комбинация: бежевый + небесно-голубой + белый + кофейный + серо-голубой. Эта нежная палитра оттенков не имеет возрастного ограничения, она идеально подойдет, как совсем юной моднице, так и зрелой статной даме. Взрослым красоткам непременно стоит присмотреться к данному миксу оттенков, так как он идеально молодит…

I Was Just in Paris and London, and I Saw These 2 Outfit Formulas Everywhere

We're showcasing the two outfit formulas fashion people wear in London and Paris.

The Must-See Churches In Krakow, Poland | Places to travel, Krakow, Poland travel

Faith molded the landscape of Krakow and now we go in search of some of the finest monuments in the town.

How To Take A Selfie Over 40 – Tips & Tricks – Cremes Come True

Have you ever seen an over-40 woman accidentally see herself in the front-facing camera on her phone? Her response is likely one of panic. Which got me thinking: Do women over 40 not know how to take a selfie? That can't be right. In an article on CNN.com, Kelly Wallace discussed a project titled SelfieCity which looked at


dee pants + tink tank

Dandelion Lemon Bars-Tart and Sweet With a Touch of the Spring Wilds

These dandelion lemon bars are beautiful, tart, sweet and rich.  The petals on top look just like the sort of lovely yellow sprinkles a lemon bar was meant to have.  They're a familiar favorite with just a hint of the spring wilds.

Women Fashion Valentine Element Printed Canvas Tote Bag

Women Fashion Valentine Element Printed Canvas Tote Bag

Vegan Risotto with Miso and Spring Vegetables

Easy, delicious risotto with asparagus, mushrooms, and peas. Vibrant umami flavor from miso paste and white wine. Just 8 ingredients required and perfect for spring (and beyond!).

Legendary architect A. Quincy Jones’ home in Laurel Canyon: a real delight – Mid Century Home

Jones House & Studio #1 blends beautifully into its environment. Built in 1939 by the great mid-century modern architect A. Quincy Jones and his then wife Ruth Schneider as their personal home.

15 silly mistakes to avoid when visiting Lisbon

Lisbon travel tips you should know before visiting Portugal for the first time. Includes things to do in Lisbon and how to travel on a budget.

The Thick and Thin of Kefir

Help my kefir is separating! I often get asked this question. My kefir has separated is it ruined? It creates quite a panic for people and they fear they hav ...

14 Things You Can Do with Old Clothes!

Need some ideas for what to do with old clothes? Learn where to sell old clothes, how to repurpose old clothes, and the best places to donate old clothes!

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