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Hilarious comics that perfectly describes the joys and challenges of parenting

Instagram // @jude_devir Parenting is quite the journey – one filled with more than a few laughs and, of course, a few mishaps along the way. But ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that they won’t change a thing! Maya and Yehuda Devir are parents and illustrators for the webcomic series One of Those …

A Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Party – For Briar — The Van Dorp Family – Presets, Motherhood, Lifestyle, Content Creator

A first birthday is one of the most important birthdays for your family! Planning your babies first birthday can be exciting but at the same time very STRESSFUL . But with a bit of planning ahead and my ultimate first birthday checklist it can be pretty easy . Here are my favorite tips and tricks o

Egg Drop Soup with Instant Noodles, Spinach & Scallions

Whisking a beaten egg into simmering broth is a quick and easy way to add creaminess and protein to noodle soup mix. Add freshness with a handful of baby spinach at the end. This recipe can easily be doubled to serve 2 and use the whole package of noodles. To cut back on sodium, look for noodle varieties with less than 600 mg sodium per serving or use less of the seasoning packet.

Eileen Fisher Fans: Mix These Pieces With Your Favs From AllSaints, Vince & Some Zella, Too.

I'm mixing all my EILEEN FISHER picks from the NSale Preview with other designer faves to get the best fall outfits. Think: edgy-ish AllSaints, classic Vince + wear-on-repeat Zella.

Brown Sugar Pork Chops with Garlic & Herbs + VIDEO – Eating European

Brown Sugar Pork Chops with Garlic and Herbs are as delicious as they sound. The sweet brown sugar sauce is perfectly balanced by garlic and dried herbs, like thyme and oregano. A juicy pork chops dish that comes together in no time at all.

Learn How To Master Genealogy Organization with Evernote

Genealogy organization. How important is it? If you're trying to build an accurate family tree, the simple answer is very. No matter what stage of the journey you find yourself in, chances are you need a reliable and accessible way to organize your research.

Visit The Main Street In Wellsboro, Pennsylvania At Christmas

Feel as though you've journeyed back in time when you stroll down this enchanting Main Street in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania at Christmas.

The Queen’s Gambit Ending Made Anya Taylor Joy Cry Too. This Is Why

"Every time we finished that sequence, I would just burst into tears," says star Anya Taylor-Joy.

A Seattleite’s Must-See’s in Seattle, WA

What to do in 48 hours in Seattle

30 Funny Conversations That People Overheard At University And Decided They’re Too Good Not To Share

We respect people’s privacy, so we tend to minimize the amount of eavesdropping and gossiping we do. However, sometimes we can’t help it—the things that we accidentally overhear are soooo good that we just can’t wait to share them with all of our friends and, well, everyone online. If you keep your ears open, you might hear the most hilarious and bizarre things echoing down the halls of your college or university. Higher education provides enough gossip-worthy tea and beans for spilling to keep us all entertained for days on end.

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