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Your wellness routine needs this.

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Black seed or nigella sativa has been used throughout the ages and across cultures, dating back as far as the first century. Other names black seeds are referred to as are kalonji, black cumin and nigella. Black seed oil is derived from its seeds as a more potent form, used both topically and consumed internally. This super seed has been gifted an array of names to signify its magnificent reputation such as, ‘The Seed of Blessing’, ‘The Miracle Cure’, ‘The Cure All’ and ‘The Blessed Herb’.   Black seeds undeniable healing properties are utilized as both preventative methods and as treatment itself. This ancient plant belongs to the buttercup family, which produces white or blue petaled flowers, within which delicate seeds come forth. Many studies have been done on the therapeutic effects of nigella sativa, which highlight the many nutritional elements within this seed. It is highly valued for the presence of substantial amounts of vegetable protein, fibre, minerals, and vitamins.

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