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35 Stylish Knitting Sweater and Pullover Free Patterns – 1000’s Crochet and Knitting Free Patterns – WomenCrochet.com

Hello my dears, I have been searching for a long time. My goal is to introduce you to brand new and wonderful designs. I think...

20 amazing reasons to keep silica gel packets – To Be The Perfect Mother

If you buy a new bag and find the silica gel packets inside it, don't throw it away because there are 21 amazing reasons to keep it. One of the best ways to save the planet is to reduce waste. If you and I and others reduce the production of waste, we will contribute to

40 Home Mysteries Explained

Stop racking your brain and learn how to solve these common home mysteries right now.

An Average Mom’s Guide to Chores for Kids by Age

Wondering what your kids should be doing around the house? Here's the ultimate list of chores for kids by age from a mom of three!

Wellbeing Tapestry

***** USUALLY SHIPS IN 2-3 WEEKS ***** (otherwise please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery) Designed Ilse Crawford55% cotton, 22% jute, 3% seagrass, 7% hemp, 2% wool and 1% wood.Handmade by NanimarquinaWellbeing is an organism of comforting textile products that support the human experience. All the items focus on tactility, materiality, craft and quality. They add warmth, softness and comfort to indoor environments, and a connection to the senses. The collection uses traditional techniques and crafted details that make the normal special.The Wellbeing collection uses hand spun Afghan wool, nettle, jute, linen, Tussar silk as well as cork, wood, raw wool,…

How to Make a Crib Size Rag Quilt – Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise

Learn how to make a crib size rag quilt. This baby rag quilt pattern for beginners and experts is easy and fast. Learn these tips for easier rag quilts.

9 Secrets to Effortless Italian Style

The Style File Blog by Alexandra de Curtis. 9 Secrets to Effortless Italian style.

25 Cute Modern Boho Living Room Ideas – Nikki’s Plate

Cute Modern Boho Living Room Ideas; Here are neutral boho living room ideas. Easy modern bohemian living room decor!

130+ Best Trending DIY Fall Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Amazing In 2023

130+ best DIY fall decor ideas that are perfect for welcoming autumn. These decor ideas include wreaths, indoor and even stunning outdoor porch decor ideas.

This Ultra Fun Texas Home Has a Crayon Chandelier and Fake Cereal Bowls on the Walls

"I love color, and my mission is to make our home as fun as possible. There are no rules and anything goes!

Chunky Crochet Basket Pattern / Ned and Mimi

This chunky crochet basket has a such a unique texture, thanks to the "diagonal chevron" stitch pattern.

Jessica Alba looks every inch beauty boss as she heads into the office

The 39-year-old actress sported a stylish silk skirt with an oversized shirt as she chatted away on her phone before heading upstairs to work at her office in Playa Vista.

Here Are Our 25 Favorite Women This Week

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think you’ll agree, there is a little something for everyone in this week’s Most Beautiful Women. We have done all the work for you. We culled

31 Postpartum Freezer Meals Any Parent Will Appreciate

These 31 postpartum freezer meals will come in handy whether you’re a new parent in nesting mode or you just joined a mail train for a friend. From comforting pasta bakes and soups to family-friendly recipes, they’re all make-ahead friendly and they reheat like a dream.

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