Home Trends on Pinterest Cute Bathrobe Cat Poster: Whimsical Feline Wall Art for Cat Lovers | Unique Home Decor Print Y2k apartment decor, Trendy wall print

Cute Bathrobe Cat Poster: Whimsical Feline Wall Art for Cat Lovers | Unique Home Decor Print Y2k apartment decor, Trendy wall print

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Indulge in a touch of whimsy with our Bathrobe Cat Poster, a charming piece that brings together the playfulness of felines and the allure of unique home decor. This captivating wall art is designed for cat lovers who appreciate a blend of charm and trendy aesthetics. Whether adorning your Y2K apartment or any cherished space, this poster becomes a visual celebration of feline joy, culture, and the timeless appeal of both pets and design. Available sizes: 50 x 70 cm 24 x 36 inches 20 x 30 inches 18 x 24 inches 16 x 20 inches 12 x 18 inches 8 x 10 inches Our prints are shipped unframed, but will fit standard frames sold in most stores. Estimated delivery time: 7 business days Actual colors might vary due to monitor settings.

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